the BEST Kids Mandarin Classes in Sydney!

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the BEST Kids Mandarin Classes in Sydney!   

Why Mandarin?

Be able to talk to 20% of the world’s population, isn’t that cool


Why now?

  • Mandarin is a tone language, if your children don’t start early, they may never be able to hear or pronounce certain sound.
  • Communication is not just verbal, it is a combination of facial expression, emotion and gesture. Learning an additional language from an early age gives your children an opportunity to understand different culture and know how to communicate with people in a better way. Learning a second language can also help your child develop a high EQ which can be a key indicator of success later in life.
  • Children they learn through games, in our centre, we play all different games to recreate reality situation. So the children can learn useful words and phrases during play in a fun shared learning environment.

Why us?

  • Maximum 6 children per class
  • Professional teacher from Mainland China with national Mandarin certificate
  • More than 15 years experience program designer working with teachers and customise different teaching methods and games to suit your children’s language and cognitive levels.
  • Our own Youtube channel with all the learning materials to help you practise at home
  • Fast and obvious learning results
  • 3 hour classes and 75 mins classes for different needs
  • Our classes are just so fun

Who can join?

  • Children 18 month to 12 years old