Our program is specially designed to meet the second language acquisition needs of both preschoolers and primary school Mandarin learners.

Our playgroups are very small with a maximum of 6 children per group to give your child lots of attention. Apart from allowing the teacher to devote more attention to each student, children are able to speak and participate more in each activity. Small teacher to student ratios should not be confused with smaller class sizes as lower ratios do not achieve the same positive learning outcomes as small classes as several studies have shown. Arguments against smaller classes invariably use financial issues as their major points. It is cheaper to run big classes!

We have two type of classes  to meet particular needs of different back ground and language level children. Classes are held in a home like learning environment with beautiful surroundings to make your child comfortable and ready to learn. Your child will have lots of fun learning Chinese in a great atmosphere where they will be immersed in the Mandarin language. We know they will love it.

3 hour class for preschoolers.

This is a half day Chinese preschool style play class. No boring sitting down writing. All activities are game based.The classroom is divided into different zones to meet different learning outcomes. For example, the role play zone can help children mimic real life conversations and the number and colour zone can help boost their confidence by repeating the same basic words. A 3 hour immersion into the language definitly helps children progress quickly.

75 minutes class for preschoolers
2-3 & 3-5 years old: This age group has started to have their first language shaped, however, they have not perfected their language
skills. For them learning a second language is like starting a new game. We all know kids have their special “kid speak” when they play alone or play with their peers. So our program for this age group makes learning like playing a game, helping the Chinese language become their “own language.” We have many interactive activities and games such as creative crafts and talk and play with the puppet to make them feel they are the centre of this “language learning game” so they end up using this language naturally. It is a short version of the 3 hour class.

75 minutes class for primary school learners

5-12 years old: They are skillful users of their first language. For them it is important to make them feel learning is interesting. In order to help them master this language a motivating teaching method is essential. Our program uses Beijing Language and Culture University published text books as basic knowledge support and uses our unique PinYin games to learn the basics of Mandarin Pin Yin. The creation of situational contexts from real life also helps learners use a new language in a very practical and familiar way. All these are embedded in a motivational and interesting environment and in this environment learning is efficient, interesting  and fun.