Our Other Services

Our other services

Free digital and printed learning materials are offered to support non-Mandarin speaking parents help their children learn. These files include pronunciation of new Chinese words, Chinese rhythm, songs and lyrics, flash cards, etc. Materials are not available for school holiday workshops.

Our own new CD, Lala: Mandarin Songs for Children is now available to purchase so kids can listen to the class songs at home or in the car. Each song has lyrics written in Chinese, Pinyin and English with keywords highlighted for easy learning and word recognition. Lyrics are spoken and sung to help kids pick up the words even faster. Kids do not need to be students with us to love our CD! Call to order your copy or visit Fish Records to buy it off the shelf.

La La CD

We organize family events from time to time to help parents meet each other and communicate their experiences.

We also offer In-house kindergarten or primary school Mandarin programs. Please contact us for more information.

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